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Food and drink deliveries keep TT fans fed

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The greatest motorcycle race in the world – it can only by the Tourist Trophy Races, better known as the TT Isle of Man.

Since its inaugural race in 1907, annual the Isle of Man TT Races have developed into the most challenging motorcycle race on the planet.  The 37.7 mile laps including the challenging Mountain Course is made up of endless bends, dips, jumps, and bumps; not to mention an abundance of amounts of telegraph posts, stonewalls and manhole covers to avoid. There is no other race like it – it is unique; a time trial event on public roads. It’s the reason why millions will be tuning in to watch it worldwide and thousands of fans flock to the Isle of Man each year to see the action live.

This year bookings on the Steam Packet are over 40,000 and reservations for the 2017 TT Festival have already broken records with bookings up by 11% on last year. We’ll also be seeing over 13,000 bikes coming over to the Island as well. The influx of visitors sees an increase in the population of the island by 50% for two weeks of the festival and these extra people need feeding; this is where we come in.

As the leading food and drinks logistics operator on the Isle of Man, Trade Distribution will be enjoying its busiest period of the year. The TT Festival always sees a huge uplift in food deliveries from the UK to the Island. There’s a lot more McDonalds burgers eaten and Guinness, Carling, Britvic or Pepsi drunk during the event and we handle all the logistics for these companies.

Our clients make use of our newly refurbished state-of-the-art cold storage facility and temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure that the food and drink is delivered in perfect condition and on-time.  Plus our daily deliveries to and from the UK to the Isle of Man mean that we offer them a great deal of flexibility, so they can adjust delivery volumes to meet demand.

That’s not all, we also transport lots of non-food items to the Isle of Man that are part of the festival; including a few motorbikes.

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