Image of Trade Distribution lorries and trailers used for AKW bespoke logistics service.

Trade Distribution continues to make inroads into UK

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Trade Distribution Ltd continues to make inroads into the UK

Manx logistics company Trade Distribution Limited (TDL), a division of the H&B Group, is continuing to make significant inroads into the UK after it secured a further five-year contract with Isle of Man-based assisted living equipment manufacturer DLP and its Droitwich Spa-based sales and distribution subsidiary AKW.

Trade Distribution’s sales director Hubert Lowry explained: ‘TDL has been carrying traffic for DLP/AKW between the Isle of Man and the UK for more than 10 years and in 2011 we were asked to look at their UK distribution operation with a view to providing a bespoke, upgraded service. After an 18-month project researching and reviewing every function across the AKW business we presented the client with a new, customised proposal, which led to our securing a five-year contract in February 2013.’

‘Such has been the success of the service we’re providing-both from the client’s and the customers’ perspective  – that AKW have awarded Trade Distribution  a new contract for a further five years and they have asked us to undertake a similar project for some of the larger members of their supply chain.’

Mr Lowry said that over the first three years of the contract AKW had reported 100 per cent delivery completion and on-time and damage-free deliveries. TDL’s service, which offered a real-time track and trace facility, had also led to substantial savings in ‘throw away’ packaging and helped to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

He continued: ‘What’s been particularly encouraging is that thanks to TDL’s new distribution model and its associated benefits to the client AKW have secured incremental business. It’s also fair to say that for TDL the opportunity to work with two such co-operative and progressive organisations such as DLP and AKW has helped us to gain added insight into what is a highly complex industry, which we will look to apply to our growing customer base.’

Trade Distribution Ltd’s managing director Steve Pickett said: ‘To have been awarded a further five year contract is a tremendous vote of confidence in the TDL team; it’s also great news for the Isle of Man; a bespoke solution devised, developed and delivered by an Isle of Man company, for another Isle of Man company which, together are achieving great things for their respective brands in the UK.

DLP’s Operations Director, Mr. Bruce Lockton, said: ‘As a market-leading Manx company with an international client base our reputation is defined by our quality of service and ability to deliver on time, every time. TDL understands that and came up with a bespoke solution that responded precisely to our brief and to our customer’s expectations. The productive links we have forged with our clients, both existing and new, on the strength of TDL’s enhanced distribution model have been invaluable.’